Visiting the Pool, Again


We went to the pool again today.

I took my Fridge-to-go just like last time.

Now that the initial novelty has worn off, I still love it.

But I did find one thing I don’t like – it’s not BIG enough! I tried to put a full size water bottle in it today and couldn’t get it to fit – even crosswise. Hopefully I’ll get a larger one because water bottles are one of the main items I would like to carry with me and keep cold.

I do have to say that the hot dogs and yogurt I took with me to the pool were actually colder after we had been at the pool an hour than when they came out of the refrigerator! And they stayed cold enough after the whole day at the pool to be put back in the refrigerator when we got home.

Such a cool invention. (No pun intended.) If it wasn’t cost prohibitive, I would buy one for all of my friends. It’s that good.


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