Thred Up


Okay, I found something I think is really cool today and I want to try it out. Thred Up is basically a simplified consignment sale/clothing swap that is done online.

You sign up and they send you the large flat rate boxes from the post office. You fill them up with one size of clothing and wait for someone to “order” them. You print out a label and they arrange a pick up for you. Easy peasy.

When you need clothing you log on and choose the gender, size and type (options consist of tops/bottoms, colors, and seasons). You choose a box that fits what you need and pay $13 for it to be shipped to you.

Right now, they need larger sizes – 5 through 7 when I was looking – and if you put up a box in those sizes you receive $3-$6 credit. Effectively, you could earn a free box of clothes by putting up a few you need to get rid of.

And periodically if you are a Pro Member (you can get a FREE Pro Membership here), they will send you an email letting you know that they have put out boxes of brand new designer clothing. If you find them, they cost you the same as any other box that is put up for grabs.

I usually consign and buy most of my clothes at consignment. But right now, we are trying to sell our house and I can’t spread out hundreds of items of clothing and toys in order to tag it and get it ready for consignment. Without selling at consignment, I won’t have the free $$ to buy at the consignment sales either. I think Thred Up might just be the solution for that.

And even if I was consigning like I normally do, there seems to always come once or twice a year when I realize that I need more tops or more bottoms for one child or the other. This would be an easy cheap way to solve that dilemma.

Users are rated by the people who receive their boxes so it’s easy to tell who has done a good job and who is just mediocre.

If you try it out, let me know what you think. I already ordered my boxes to put together and post, so I’ll let you know what my experience is like, too. Here’s a video explaining just how you get started.



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