This Needs to Stop


  1. It does need to stop. Ethiopia is one country in the world that still allows some of it's people to be sold into slavery, especially if they are Christians.
    The United Nations needs to deal with this. Slavery should be abolished. The things that happen to the woman sold into slavery is horrific, and they do not live very long. I saw similiar things happening in Mexico City by orphaned or abandoned children. They beg and if begging doesn't work they are in the dumpsters or at the dump too. Outside of Juarez where my husband and I once went on a missions trip to help build a home for a poor woman and her children (the male child was mentally handicapped, one baby, and an older daughter) the conditions there were very bad. People making houses with many holes in them because they were using discarded wooden pallets from the cities to build their homes. They have no vehicles so they brought these wooden pallets to this area on their backs. So poor that many families have to share a single hammer and have to save to buy the nails.
    When we went on the mission trip we were all asked by the pastor down in that community to each bring 5 pounds of dried pinto or red beans, and 5 pounds of rice too. He used to help measure out
    food on those occasions the people
    in his community had nothing at all
    to eat. Yet, he had to even ration these supplies, so often the families would only get what was equivalent to a half portion apiece for only one meal on that particular day.
    I personally think their own governments to some point have failed them, but still this does need to stop. Most of these countries have only two classes, the poor and the few rich in power.
    Some may say our capitalistic American Society is wrong, but there are few places in America in such a condition as these. At least we have a food stamps option for our poor. It may not be a perfect system, yet it is better than digging through a dump.


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