Thabo's mom died when he was 5 years old. He never knew who his dad was until about four years ago. Unfortunately, he is still working on developing a relationship with his dad. His granny raised him along with his three aunts, but she passed away in 2003. His mom didn't have any other children, so Thabo grew up without any brothers and sisters. His dad did have one other daughter who is his half-sister but they don't have much of a relationship either.

When he goes "home" now it's to visit four cousins and two nieces because they're the closest family he has left. None of them have much money and none of them are believers.

As a teenager one of Thabo's friends invited him to go to a youth event and that is where he met Jesus. When we visited Africa last year, we served next to Thabo day after day. We've seen firsthand the joy and contentment he carries with him. We've experienced the blessing it is to be around him and to serve with him. You would never know he's lost so much before he was even 21 years old.


He's not much older than some of the teenagers that live in our homes. But he doesn't have a mom to come home to who washes his clothes, feeds him dinner and listens to the stories of his day. He doesn't have anyone at home who encourages him as he dedicates his life to loving on all of the other kids so much like him.






In many ways, Thabo doesn't have a family. Joey and I felt as if God bonded our hearts to Thabo's while we were in Africa. We have "adopted" him as a brother - although, since we are all children of the same King, he is our brother already.

However, as part of treating Thabo like family we would like to help raise the money to support Thabo as he works as a missionary in his native country.

Joey and I are excited about what God has done in our hearts while we were in Africa. We may not be able to continue working on the ground in Africa like we did at Extension 23 and Capetown for the 8 days we served there, but we can keep praying for, supporting, and loving on the guys who are still there doing God's work in the field.


If you would like to contribute towards the expenses of Thabo’s ministry in South Africa, we have set up a Paypal account that you can donate directly into. Any small amount will make a difference. Just click on the button at the bottom of this post.

If you would like to commit to sending $50 or $100 on a monthly basis, please contact me and let me know so I can put you in touch with your church – First Baptist Church of McKinney – where they can help you with the details of that. They do a monthly wire transfer of all donated funds in order to keep the costs low.

Thabo also has some specific future needs if you would like to donate towards these or gift him with the full amount needed for any of them:

1. Laptop ($400 USD) – if anyone has a laptop they are not using, a team from our church will be traveling to S. Africa in October and can take it.

2. University Schooling - $1350 or two installments of $675

3. Refrigerator - $200

4. Washing Machine - $275

5. Car - $5000


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