Nielsen Now Accepting Cell Only Households


Nielsen Home Scan is still looking for members, and now they are accepting members without land lines. I actually got Nielsen Home Scan and then got rid of it when we got rid of our land line. It is a great program to use to earn rewards . . . especially if you have a child who thinks scanning items is fun. When I was a panelist, I entered my information consistently. They ship you a small handheld scanner and you use it to scan the items that you purchase. They want to keep track of spending habits, so you also scan coupons if you use them. As you scan, you earn points that you can redeem for cash and prizes.

A lot of couponistas also use the scanner gun to make sure that printable coupons will scan or to verify the amount of a coupon.

If you have a landline phone use this link and if you are like me and down to JUST a cell phone use this link.  Let me know if you get accepted.


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