NEW Blogmania Sponsor . . .

Okay so I told you I was going to recap my Blogmania Sponsors – AND I had a new one sign on just today. I’ll share about them at the bottom of the post.
  1. Lauren Denman, Mary Kay Consultant
  2. Wacky Jacqui Designs
  3. GirlinAir Fun Hats
  4. Specialty Cookware
  5. Zak! Designs
  6. Vermont Brownie Company
  7. Joy of Soap
  8. ABC Neckties
  9. Pitter Patter Art
  10. Bake Me a Wish!
  11. Rockin Green
  12. My Secret Pantry
  13. Cosmedix
  14. Annabel Karmel
# 15 - Cuisinart!
Cuisinart just signed on today and I’m thrilled. I am looking at putting together three different prize packs for the Blogmania Event on September 15th and 16th – one for adult men, one for teenage boys, and one for little boys. What awesome sponsors!

16. Pampered Chef consultant, Sheri Bene
17. Emmy's Boos and Rawrs
18. Buddy Fruits


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