If You See a Sippy Cup that Looks Lost

. . . it is probably our’s.

I guess everyone has this issue, but for the life of me I can not keep up with the sippy cups my children own. Generally, I’m pretty good and retaining items and passing them from child to child – making sure I milk every last penny out of them, you know. But not sippy cups.

Because we have this issue, I try to buy sippy cups every time I see them on sale. Inevitably after the first use, I generally only see one out of two ever again! I don’t know if my kids think its funny to throw them away or if we just get our cups mixed up with our friends. I do know we seem to never get them back when they take them with them to the church nursery. And the childcare workers at preschool and MOPS are always aggravated that I don’t write the kids names on their cups. But it doesn’t stay so it seems stupid to just scrawl their name onto the cup and then have it all marked up but completely illegible after the first washing.


Mabel's Labels www.mabel.ca

BUT recently I was introduced to Mabel’s Labels. I LOVE them. They have a variety of labels, but my favorites were dishwasher safe and microwave safe. Since we have three boys and they do or will use the same cups (if I can ever keep up with them), I simply put Carlisle on the tag. Now, hopefully we will always be able to keep up with our cups.

And I’m excited about winning a Camp Pack of labels from Mabel’s Labels this past week as well. Now I can tag some of their jackets and clothes that they leave laying around too! I know that those of you with older kids could definitely find a bunch of good ways to use these labels.

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