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I don’t know if I’ve done a great job of explaining the rules for the upcoming Blogmania giveaway.

There are upwards of 140 blogs participating, each with a minimum of $100 in giveaway prizes. Some have MUCH more. For example, I have over $800 in prizes already committed to.

Each blog will have only one easy way to enter that will enter you in each of the items they are giving away. That way you can move through the list of blogs much more quickly.

If you missed the list of Blogmania sponsors, it’s immense and I am excited to be working with each of them. In order for you to be able to get a head start and some extra entries into the Blogmania giveaway on my blog, I am going to list the sponsors and allow you to gain extra entries by following them. If we get any more sponsors after this, you will see additional Google entry forms appear. You will only need to fill out each of the forms one time.

Good luck! And be honest. I’ll check the winners that are drawn to see if they did what they said they did. If not, I’ll redraw!


  1. Melissa the box with sponsors is acting wacky on me! I can only see a sliver of it- is it working ok?

  2. Ok- I clicked all the boxes- will that automatically allow me to follow everyone? Or am I supposed to click the boxes AFTER i've gone to each individual site and followed everything? It's a little confusing

  3. Because of the way the page is made, you will have to scroll over to see it all. Look for a bar at the bottom of the box.

    I'm sorry. I'll clarify that you ned to click the boxes AFTER you follow each of them. Many people did that when we held giveaways for them. But if you didn't, you can click through to the link of the list of sponsors and find the links to each sponsor's website.

    Just a tip: if you are trying to follow on FB, sometimes the quickest way is to just type their information in to the search box there.


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