Fantasy Football

Anyone interested in fantasy football? I’m a HUGE football fan. It’s quite an event in my family. We schedule around it. For real.

Our Sunday school class at church has a fantasy football league, but from what I gather it’s historically been just the guys. I kind of pushed my way into an invite, but then didn’t follow through because I don’t really want to have to horn in.

But I came across this deal today . . . we could do our own league if anyone is interested:
Green Your Home
If you want to join me, leave a comment or shoot me a message and I’ll get a league set up. Or if you have your own group of friends and you want to set up a league you can do it through this link too.


  1. I am also a huge football fan. I always wanted to join a fantasy football league but I never did. If you start a league I would like to join. Thank you!

  2. I love fantasy football!!! If you start a league, sign me up! I finally got in my dh's league after waiting 11 years for an opening. It makes watching the games so much fun!

  3. Created a league. The first ten in will fill it up - I can send an invite by email, but need your email addresses.

    You can reach me at melissastuff at gmail dot com.


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