CVS Clearance

I have said it before, but I want to reiterate it – ALWAYS shop clearance! Go there first and know where to find it in every store you shop.

Last night, I went for my weekly CVS trip. No shopping partner this time :( It was supposed to be quick in and out. I had a shopping list with just a few things on it from this week’s CVS deals.

I walked out with $24.96 worth of stuff . . . and I paid $.50. The best part is I didn’t use a gift card, I didn’t use any Extra Care Bucks.

I used coupons and two quarters.

Listen to what I got:

2 large bottles of Pert Plus

2 extra large bottles of Olay body wash

2 Glade Plug-in Refills

1 Sudafed Children’s Cough Medicine**

1 Dawn Hand Renewal

Most of it was in the clearance endcaps. They had a ton of stuff marked 75% off. Some of it I didn’t get because I didn’t want to spend the cash, but it was a GREAT deal. Soaps, medicines, vaporizers, spa treatments, on and on.

So the next time you stop in any store, ask the nearest employee where the clearance section is – I promise it pays off.

** Several CVSes have been clearancing their children and adult cold medicines out at 75% off!


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