$5 FREE!

If you have ever signed up for Magazines.com e-mail list, then you probably have received an e-mail from time to time that says “$5 Gift Card Enclosed”.  I have always deleted that e-mail since I typically get magazine subscriptions for free elsewhere.

However, several months ago I spotted a post from Koupon Karen that alerted me to the fact that when I receive those e-mails, there is a place at the bottom of the letter to request the gift card as cash.  I gave it a try and sure enough–a check showed up in my mail a few weeks later!

All you have to do is copy the gift card code in the e-mail and then head on over here to enter your information and the code.   Then be on the look-out for a FREE $5 check in the mail!

Be sure to check your e-mail if you are a Magazines.com subscriber as you may have a gift card offer waiting for you.  (I did today and you better believe I requested a check!)  If you are not a Magazines.com e-mail subscriber, you can sign up here.


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