Toy Story Arrives at Our House

I know Toy Story arrived in theaters several weeks ago. And our family has yet to see it. But Toy Story has now arrived in our house!


Toy Story 3-Section Tray

Toy Story Flatware

Toy Story Funtime Tumbler

Toy Story 3D Fun Sip


zak! Designs was gracious and sent us all of these pieces! My children are beyond excited. (In fact, it’s too bad they only sent us one plate because it’s going to  be a battle every time it gets used, I think.)

The industry leader in children’s dinnerware, zak! Designs puts a lot of energy into making their products just what your child is looking for.

Not only do the produce plates, cups, bowls and flatware, but they also have added a new element to their website. Mealtime Fun Zone is a place where you can go as a parent and talk to other parents about feeding issues, try out new recipes or help zak! Designs create their next new product.

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