Kudos/Komplaints Campaign

I know some of you may already do this, but I’ve also talked to many of you who have never heard of it or never done it. But I frequently contact companies with either Kudos for the thinks they are doing well or Komplaints about issues I’m having with their products.

You wouldn’t believe how productive this is.

Recently I complained to SC Johnson that I have had two different Automatic Shower Cleaning systems put out by their brand Scrubbing Bubbles just stop working after the batteries run dead. I replace them and the machine runs once then never works again. SC Johnson refunded the full cost of one machine and sent me a FREE coupon to replace the machine!

On the Kudos side, I wrote Bar S to tell them that we eat their hot dogs like they are going out of business. They have both regular and turkey hotdogs and my boys can’t get enough. I rarely ever go to the grocery store without buying them. Bar S sent me a VIP coupon worth $5 – which I used to buy a $4.99 3 lb pack of their hot dogs – and several $.25 coupons which will triple and make their bologna or hot dogs almost free!

So, to remind myself and encourage you, I’m going to start posting Kudos/Komplaints.

Here are today’s three places:

1. Kool-aid

2. Stonyfield Farms (maker of Yo-Baby Yogurt as well)

3. Pepsi

Let us know how they respond or if you have contacted another manufacturer that responded well.


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