I Need Your Help

.We are trying to sell our house. We have replaced carpet and tile, cleaned, painted, weeded out junk and extra decorations. Hopefully, it is going to be time to place it on the market in the next couple of days.

What I would like for you to do for me is this. I am going to post pictures of each individual area as I am done prepping it. I am not the queen of domesticity and interior decorating is hard for me because I won’t spend the money to do it right . . . so please let me know what you think about what you see.

Is there something I can do better?

Do I need to get rid of anything?

Add anything?

Clean anything?

Whatever you have to say, I can take it. Bring it on! I’ve got to get out of this house so my kids can run and play . . . help me, please!

Room #1 – The Formal Dining



  1. I think a round table would work better in the space, but that might not be an option. Maybe you could turn the table the opposite way. I think they way you have it set up now makes the room look even smaller.

    Move the buffet to the left wall or remove it from the room completely. A vase of fresh flowers or fruit in the middle of the table would be nice.

    The window scarf is too minimal for that window. I would try lighter color sheer curtains (the red is too much red) that hang on a rod just above the floor. Maybe one on each side of the rod and one in the middle. Try bringing in another color besides red. Maybe some yellow and/or orange.

    Hope that makes sense! I'm not an interior designer, but those are some tips I've picked up from my love of HGTV :) Good luck!

  2. Oops - not orange or yellow curtains. Orange or yellow accessories :) I would choose cream sheers for the curtains.

  3. Try moving the arm chairs to each side of the buffet. That will give room to walk around the table.

  4. i agree with the curtains. Ikea has some great neutral colors very inexpensive and then you can use them in the new house too! Also, if you formal dinnerware, I would set the table. I know you have 3 little ones- so breakable might not be great, but it always looks inviting to have the table "finished". I would also try and see how the arm chairs look in the corners. Maybe a small pillow in them to add another color/pattern. I would also put shades on the light fixture. It will update the look and again, you can use that to add another color/texture. I would also put buffet lamps on the buffet. It needs something to beef it up. I would also check Ikea for good cheap options there too!

  5. I think the chairs look tight too...can you turn the table the other way and gain more room. If the room feels small, it won't get a good first impression. :o)

  6. im with happy clipper. I think you should take the buffet out completly to open the room up a little. I also think it is too much red. Maybe you could take the 2 arm chairs out completly and just use the other four chairs around the table. And I would put something on the table either settings or just a center piece

  7. Agree about either turning the table or putting the armless chairs around the table. If you only have two armless chairs and turning it doesn't seem to work, then just move the other armless chair around to the buffet side to balance it out. :) I like the buffet in there...I've physically been in your house and that never struck me as being too crowded...

    Everything definitely looks neat and tidy. I know it is a lot of hard work to get a house ready to sell! If you are wanting to spend some minimal amounts of money, then the lampshades (maybe goodwill?) and the IKEA curtains wouldn't cost too much. Curtains were around 15 dollars a panel last time I was there.

  8. I definitely agree with having a round table in there, or at least moving the chairs around so that they are on the sides. It doesn't look like there is a lot of room to walk around the table.

    I love the curtains!


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