I Need Your Help – Bedrooms/Office

I’m combining this so it doesn’t seem like I’m the neediest soul in the world.



This is the nursery, obviously. Again I can’t figure out a good angle to make it look roomy. It’s not all that tight, but the pictures make it feel that way, I think.


The boy’s room . . . I didn’t take anymore because it seems pointless. Does this seem cute and inviting or tiny and cramped?

DSC03430 This is my office which is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It has a HUGE desk to work at – both craft projects and computer work. But again it’s not easy to capture on camera. Do we just leave this out of the online photos and let people see it when they come?


  1. I think everything looks great. People will probably want to see the sink, but not necessarily those lights above the sink. They probably want to see the sink to see if it has two sinks or not, or at least room to put in a second sink (like you do have room) if they wanted it. Granted they can change the lights out, but if you have two things in the picture that they might want to change out by the sink, it may end up being one to many things for them to see and then they might just skip coming and seeing how good the rest of your house looks. Some people are funny that way.

  2. Your all the pictures are captures really nicely so that we all can see the beauty of your home and office. All the things are arranged properly and there is no need to change anything.

  3. I think they all look great too,you are worrying too much about this. If the right person comes along they will buy the house no matter how you have things arranged. I've sold a couple of house in my time. A small bouquet of flowers in the master would be great,pretty folded towels on the vanity and put a cute toy in the kids room. You want people to see something that rekindles their childhood memories aka a wagon,firetruck,... barb g. directorylanesuperstoreATgmail.com http://diabeticsnacker.blogspot.com/


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