I Need Your Help – Den and Kitchen

I asked you yesterday to help me get my house ready to sell – and you did! Thank you for all of your comments both publicly and privately.

Please remember that I don’t have the budget to go buy new things and the house goes on the market tomorrow. The best suggestions will be the cheap and easy ones. For example, yesterday someone mentioned moving the arm chairs to the corners beside the buffet. Great idea. Love it that way. Wish someone had said that 7 years ago when we moved in. That’s the kind of help I need.

For those of you that have a heart for decorating. I’ll do this again when we move into our new house and you can tell me just what to get and then I’ll make it my goal to find that stuff as inexpensively as possible!

 DSC03393  DSC03395   DSC03399


Today, so far I have gotten the kitchen ready. **UPDATE: I have since moved the hope chest to a different room.**

 DSC03400 DSC03401 DSC03402 DSC03403

And the den ready, so let me know what you think!

**UPDATE: I have since moved the hope chest to a different room.**

DSC03404This is by far my favorite picture. Wish my whole house looked like this.


  1. I would remove the trunk/bench thing. Can it be used as a coffee table in case you need it in the room?

    I would remove the picture from the top of the refrigerator. Maybe relocate to the counter - left of the stove? Great job on the kitchen!

  2. I think it looks great, the less clutter the better for staging a house.

    Have you ever watched Get It Sold on HGTV? They have the best budget suggestions to stage your house to help get it sold. (Im not selling mine but I still love to watch it, haha)http://www.hgtv.com/get-it-sold/show/index.html

    Some big tips i've heard on there was declutter, less personal (so sellers can vision themselves in the home) and stay semi-neutral to appease all types of taste.

  3. Oh also (sorry about the 2 comments!) I would add a bit more color in the kitchen? It just seems very bare... not homey at all. I would do like the other person suggested and take the picture off the top of the fridge and place it on the counter by the stove or something along those lines.

    Do you have a small flower arrangement or something like that to put on the bar counter? I'd say you want it to look welcoming and homey but also neutral.

    I think then den looks great! Enough color but not too much. I do think the chest should be moved, it'd be great to put some barstools there around the bar if you have them or find some on Craigslist or garage sale. I'd move the chest out of the room if possible, maybe putting it at the foot of a bed. It just doesn't fit where it's at and putting it in the middle of the den won't really work all that well either I think

  4. I think it looks fine the way you have it, only pull that one couch in a little away from the windows a bit.

  5. GREAT ideas. Thanks.

    I think you are absolutely right about the trunk.

    I've already ordered bar stools from CSN. Just waiting for them to arrive.

  6. My only suggestion for these rooms would be to add in some more color. It's a lot of white. However, that can also be appealing to a buyer because white is very easy to paint over.


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