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Our family has been receiving Kroger gift cards in the mail since near the beginning of the year, from someone totally anonymous.  They always come near the end of the month and I venture out to the mailbox and there mixed in with our mail is a small, bubble wrap manila envelope with our address, a bogus return address and an amazingly generous Kroger gift card…that’s just the way it has been.  The first one we received I cried.  I started calling all kinds of people accusing (in a good way) them of being the anonymous person.  And back to that bogus return address, I know it is bogus because I exhausted myself, along with Josh and my brother Chris, trying to Google Earth it, Google it and I even went so far to call the post office…a little crazy?  Well yes, but I am a huge “thank you” person.  It is just in my blood.  I try my darndest to send a thank you note for nice things people do for me or our family.  You will never come to one of my kiddo’s birthday parties and not receive a handmade thank you note in the mail a few weeks later.  That’s just how we roll.  My mom instilled this in me and I will pass this along to my kids.  So I just could not imagine not thanking whoever this was.  I mean, they NEEDED and DESERVED a spectacular handmade thank you note and I was itching to make it and write it.  Then my sister-in-law Kim told me that whoever this was wanted to be anonymous and I should just leave it at that and be thankful.  So I did.  I always put a thank you up on my Facebook and on here, just in case whoever anonymous is, is reading because I want them to know how insanely grateful our family is. 

What a great reminder for whoever wins this!

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