Disappointed with Pampers?


Have you purchased Pampers DryMax diapers recently and been less-than-satisfied with them? I know I’ve had some friends who think their children’s diaper rash is being caused by the new diapers!

If that’s you, you can get your money back for one package plus $1 for postage.

To get a refund, send your original receipt, the UPC from your Pampers Swaddlers or Cruisers Dry Max package and your full name and mailing address printed on a 3×5 card to:

    Pampers Dry Max Guarantee Offer
    PO Box 900082
    El Paso, TX 88590-0082or call 1-800-PAMPERS to speak with a Pampers representative

This offer is limited to one redemption per household on one pack. Refund is the full purchase price of your one Dry Max diaper pack, plus $1 for postage. Offer expires 10/31/2010.


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