Day 4 – Home!

We have arrived, finally.

The boys are down. We picked up takeout, watched Big Brother and now Last Comic Standing. Come on now, that’s about all I could handle after 6, 7, 8, 9 hours in the car with three children ages 4 and under.

Yes, you read that right. 9 hours. It’s supposed to be a 6 hour trip. That’s what breastfeeding, eating, peeing and pooping do to a trip – they make it 50% longer. We searched endlessly for a Starbucks, really. Found one and couldn’t pay because the debit card wouldn’t work. Had to walk to the bank while one child pooped. Paid for the Starbucks and drove to the next restaurant. Ate well and the boys visited the potty again, twice, while we were there. Fed the baby.

Naptime. Peaceful. Arrived in Waco. Stopped to pick up some stuff from the in-laws. Two more poops. Drove on to Dallas. Arrived home and the first place everyone goes? The bathroom. (Just to make you feel better, I didn’t even include the baby’s diapers!)

Glad to be home. Can’t wait to share some more about our trip with you tomorrow.


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