Day 3 – Sea World (and Dallas Cowboy Training Camp)

This post isn’t going to be long because my fatigue is growing on me, but I did want ya’ll to know that we had a busy but mainly fun day.

Since we gave up on sleeping in, we got up, ate breakfast in the car and headed to the 9 a.m. Dallas Cowboy Training Camp practice session. It was FREE. Parking was FREE. And even though we had to park the stroller, it was FREE.What more could you ask for? We stayed for just a few minutes and then headed to Sea World.

I plan to post on Sea World later this week. I totally wished I had a Preschoolers Handbook to Sea World. Maybe I should write it now!

The bottom line is we stayed so busy and had so much fun that the boys skipped naps and were passing out on their feet by the time we left. Colt has fallen multiple times this weekend and I’m starting to worry about permanent brain damage.

Due to the level of exhaustion they faced, the kids struggled a bit more today. I am exhausted if I haven’t mentioned it so I’m going to crash and continue this tomorrow.


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