CVS – 75% Off on Cold Medicines

People always ask how I manage to keep our budget so low – currently it is at $50 a week and it includes any formula, diapers or medicine that is needed. The main way that I am able to do this is because I stock up on things when they are cheap or free even if I don’t need them.


For example, right now at CVS they are clearancing out many of their cold medicines – Nyquil, Robitussin, Dimetapp, CVS brand. I was able to find great deals in both adult medicine and children’s medicine. I didn’t need any of it, but the medicines don’t expire until well into 2011. I will need it before then, and by buying it today I paid less than a $1 for three bottles (after coupons, ECBs and overage from other items) instead of close to $10 for one bottle. When I was pregnant, I actually let us run out and it killed me to go have to pay full price for medicine we had to have.

So check out CVS the next time you are there and start stocking up on those items you DON’T need!


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