Curel and Eczema



Anyone with eczema have any experience with Curel? They have a new Itch Defense Summer lotion that is supposed to be great. They are going to send a bottle out for me to use on our eczema-prone household, so I’ll have an answer for you soon.

Curel Moisture Lotion - Itch Defense Lotion, for Dry, Itchy Skin - 13 fl oz

It’s interesting to me that they made a Summer lotion for eczema because our children usually have it much worse in the Winter. But we do have some issues when we’re out in the sun – like we will be for the next few days – and everyone gets dried out. You know not enough to burn, but enough to itch and have peely skin.

I’m interest to hear what your experiences with Curel and eczema have been like . . . and as soon as I get my bottle to review, I’ll be sure to share my story, too.

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