Can Going to the Pool Get any Better?


Our crew loves going to the pool. We average at least once a week during the summer and supplement that with days at the splashpark and jumping in the sprinkler. Our vacation to Sea World was that much more exciting because there was a water park and the boys even got the chance to go down a water slide with Dad! We enjoy us some outside activities that involve aqua.

Yes! I discovered a way to make it even better. Don’t laugh at me, but because I’m cheap we almost always pack a lunch. It’s healthier. It’s cheaper. And it generally tastes better than hot food on a hot day. But the downside is that if I pack it in a cooler, it generally gets pretty wet as the ice melts. So usually I put it in an insulated lunchbox and hope it stays cool enough to not make us sick or taste grody.

BUT just yesterday in the mail I received a new goody – Fridge To Go. I received a small luncheon size bag that will hold about 4 cans. I packed hot dogs, 2 yogurts, spoons and a coke for us in it today. Then I just grabbed a lunchbox and threw in all of the not cold food. You would not believe how cold everything stayed. It honestly felt like I had just grabbed it out of the fridge.

The bag folds up and is stored in your freezer. When you’re ready to go, you grab it, unfold and push the bottom down and it’s ready to go.

My friends were super impressed. Several of them want their own. They might be slightly deterred by the price tag – the small bag is $22, but there is FREE shipping and hopefully as they’re rolling out these new items there will be an opportunity to get them at a discounted price. You know if there is, you’ll be able to find it right here on MelissaStuff.


  1. Going to the pool in summer is the best time and truly I love water. I am drinking so much water and I also like to stay in water.


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