Beautiful Azaleas and Selling a House

Proflowers sent me this beautiful potted azalea topiary. (We tried a fruit and chocolate basket first and found out that doesn’t work well in this Texas heat.)

This azalea potted topiary arrived and was left on the front porch in a box. Again, I’m not sure that’s the best approach in the Texas heat since it is alive and might not stay that way long.

But when I took it out of the box it was truly beautiful. It came with this gorgeous heavy ceramic pot, as well. When I moved it from the green container it was shipped in into the ceramic pot, there wasn’t enough dirt to fill the bottom of the pot. I went in search of some and came up with some leftover potting soil, but still didn’t have quite enough to fill the entire dish.

Next problem, I don’t know ANYTHING about live plants. And even though the ad said it would come with instructions, it didn’t. So I left it on the counter for a couple of days while I tried to remember to Google instructions. By the time I finally remembered, the plant was falling on hard times. The blooms were withering and leaves were falling off. I had continued to water it enough to keep the soil wet but I wasn’t even sure that was right.

I did eventually look up directions which said the roots needed to stay wet and it needed indirect light. Does anyone know what that means? I had it on my kitchen counter which isn’t near a window but gets plenty of “light”?!?!? Anyway, whatever it was getting wasn’t enough. I finally sent it home with my dad to see if he can rehab it.

Although I butchered the care of it, the plant did arrive in beautiful condition. I was shocked that it was able to travel so well in a box. I would recommend only sending this to someone who is home all of the time because there was no confirmation needed and if we had both worked all day, it would have sat in a box in 100 degree heat for hours.

However, we have used Proflowers in the past to send a regular flower arrangement and it has always worked well for us. The flowers come in a box but since they are shipped directly from the grower, they are usually much fresher and stay alive longer. The next time you need flowers or even a gift basket, check out Proflowers and see if they have a deal for you.

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