Rescue the Girl!

The more I open my heart to see the world the way God sees it, the more I find my heart broken. I want to believe the world is overall a good place – that the bad things that happen are few and far between. That slavery, poverty, sex trafficking isn’t my problem. But if it isn’t my problem . . . and your problem . . . then whose problem is it? if Christ called us to love the unlovely and provide for the fatherless and reach out to the poor did that stop being true because we live in America? Are we exempt because it doesn’t stare at us from every street corner in our luxurious neighborhoods?

The answer in my heart and soul is a resounding NO! I don’t know what God is calling me to do about it. I’m not sure where He will lead our family in living out His truth, but I will not turn a blind eye when people are starving, dying and being forced to work in the sex trade. I can only imagine how heart broken and disappointed my Saviour is when He watches His own people abandon the very ones He has called them to love and to reach out to.

I told you I was going to start bringing you worthy causes for you to consider supporting with the money you save. Today’s cause is Rescue the Girl.

In March of 2009, a group of four friends attending A&M/Commerce decided to commit together to do what they could to make a difference. They knew they couldn’t stop the trafficking and slavery that abounds all over the world, but they thought they could raise the money to rescue one girl. They were shocked to find that in the suburbs of their very own city – Houston – were girls who had been smuggled in from other countries to work as sex slaves. Within a few weeks, they had raised $5000 and were on their way to India. The resulting story was captured in a documentary.

In July they are returning to India to reach out again to the women the world has forgotten. The young girls who have disappeared into brothels to be used and abused until they give up all hope of living life. They will be working with Project Rescue – a local work in India that has established 11 safe houses for women wanting to escape the sex industry and for the numerous children they are given by women who will not leave but don’t want the same future for their babies.

Don’t get up from the computer and go back to your “normal” life without doing something to help these women.

Donate to Rescue the Girl and then follow along with their newsletter to see what is done with your money next month when they hit the ground in India.

Or send your money directly to Project Rescue and then sign up for their newsletter to stay informed about how they are progressing on the ground in India.

We have no excuse. We need to educate ourselves. We need to pray about our role in the solution. We need to share what we know with others. We need to do something to stop what we know is wrong.

How many times as a child, did I hear the story of the Good Samaritan? The man lies beaten and robbed on the side of the road and the religious leaders of the day walk by, turning their heads and acting as if they don’t see him. I was always appalled that anyone could see someone hurting and not stop to help. Is it any different when we act like we don’t know or that it doesn’t have anything to do with us?

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