{EXPIRED} Giveaway: Make Your Own Soda (Cokes!)

I have to admit that this review was one of the most FUN items we’ve done so far. My husband was actually more excited about trying it out than I was. Sodastream has an entire line of machines that allow you to make your own soda -  pop, cokes, whatever you make call it - at home.

The process is super simple. We reviewed the Jet. It came in a large box. We took all of the pieces out and were able to start making drinks without washing or assembling anything. (We did rinse out the bottle just because I’m a nut like that.)


There are two clear bottles to mix the drinks in, an O2 cylinder and the actual machine. You pop the O2 cylinder into the back of the machine. Then fill up one of the bottles with water to the fill line marked on the bottle. You push back on the button at the top of the front of the Sodastream machine which rocks out the Piece that the bottle screws on to. Once it is attached, you let go and the bottle returns to an upright position. You push the button on the top to begin inserting O2 into the water. You do small short pulses until it makes a loud screeching noise which tells you there is enough O2. You stop after three of these loud noises.

Then you just add a capful of the flavoring you want and you are all set. I will say the only part we had trouble with was the syrup measuring. If there are lines in the cap, you can’t tell where they are or what they’re for. And so we ruined our first bottle of cola because it was too syrupy. The second one was better. But then I tried to make some myself today without my hubby and I ruined it again. However, I’m sure you would quickly learn where that line is and not continue to make the same mistake.

Sodastream is a fun and easy way to cut down on environmental waste – you continue to reuse the same two bottles. However, it really isn’t that much more economical than buying sodas, especially if you pay for the machine.

The basic machine costs about $99. If you buy two 12 packs of sodas a week at $3.50 each. it would take you about 6 months to recoup your cost for the basic machine.

Then additional flavoring is $4.99 a bottle and makes 33 cans. So it’s just a little cheaper than buying 12 ($2.50) or 24 ($5) packs on sale. The O2 bottle lasts longer than the flavorings, but will also cost you about $24.99 to replace.

The good news is that you can win a basic set right here, right now and that will definitely make it cheaper than buying cokes at the store!!

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