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Target Deals (2/28 - 3/6)

Fusion repackaged some of its razors recently and they’re priced at just $4.99.
Use the $4/1 coupon 2/7 PG
Total: $.99
Razors are one of the items that you should NEVER pay full price for. I don't pay over $1 for ANY razor!

Nescafe7 ct Taster’s Choice Stick Packs — $1
Coupon: $.50 from 2/28 SS
Total: $.50

Dannon Activia 4-packs — $1.71
Coupon:$1/1 from 2/28 SS or 2/7 SS
Total: $.71 ea

KashiHeart to Heart Crackers — $2.59
Buy 4 and get a free Kashi Snack
Use (2) $1.50 printables and 2 printables
Total: $4.36 for all 5 items or $.88 ea

Yoplait Yogurt 4-6oz $5.19/10
(2/7 SS) Save $.40/6
Total: $.45

Planters Cashews & select others 9.25 oz $3.00
(1/24 SS) Save $1.00/2
stack with Target Printable Save $1.00/1
Total: $1.50

GE Reveal 60 watt light bulbs 4pk $2.00
Printable Save $1.00/2
Stack with Target Printable Save $1.50
Total: Free

Walgreen's Deals (2/28 - 3/6)

There are extra coupons out in some of the Walgreens stores - they have been seen next to the instore flyers. Inside, they contain over $20 worth of coupons! Make sure you look for this if you will be shopping at Walgreens this week.

Purex 50 oz. - $5.99 and B1G1 Free
Use B1G1 Coupon (2/21 RP)
Total: 2 FREE

Buy 6 boxes of Kleenex Tissue (prices start at $1.99) – on sale B1G1 Free

Use 2 $0.50/3 printable (or 2/28 SS)
Spend $4.97 plus tax out of pocket, Get $3 Register Rewards
Total: $0.33 ea
Buy (2) Participating Tylenol, Benadryl or Sudafed Products (see ad) @ $4.99 ea and get a $5 RR

Buy 2 Children’s Tylenol Cold
Use (2) $2 printable coupon and the $1 coupon from Children’s Activity Book
Pay $3.98 and get $5 RR
Total: $1.02 money maker!

Colgate Total Advanced or Enamel Strength Toothpaste (4oz) — $2.99
RR: $2 wyb 1
Coupon: $1 from Jan All You or $.75 2/21 SS
Deal: Buy 1 and use $1 Q. Pay $1.99 and get $2 RR
Total: Free!

Crest 3D Toothpaste, Mouth Rinse or Oral B Toothbrush – 3…

50% Off Michael's Coupon

Go here to print this coupon. This is one of my favorite types of coupons. I just can't always figure out what I want to use it on.

Free E.L.F. Manicure Kit

Go here and sign up for your free manicure kit! I love getting free stuff in the mail.

WHY and HOW I Save . . .

5 Ways to Save Money and Help Others . . .

#1 – Know HOW you spend your money!
Really take the time to follow your money and see where it leads. It's amazing how quickly small purchases add up, and before we know it we are spending hundreds of dollars on something as silly as eating out or buying unnecessary clothes or toys for our children. If necessary take the first month and chronicle EXACTLY where your money is going. You may be quite surprised by what you find.

#2 – Eliminate anything unnecessary

Each person's definition of "necessary" is going to differ, but we found that when push came to shove we really didn't have to have cable or a home phone. Two things that were non-negotiables for me were Internet and cell phone. However, I have another good friend who doesn't carry a cell phone, so each family will have to decide what their own choices will be. The challenge is to at least find one monthly budgeted item that you can eliminate right now.
#3 – Make sur…

Helping Others

Many of you have heard me speak about WHY I share the deals and freebies I come across. In fact, I've posted about it here before and will republish that post later today.
But to sum it up, I think that many of us don't make an effort to bless others because we don't think we have anything to bless them with. We're short on money. We're living paycheck to paycheck or we're in debt over our heads and can't imagine adding to that to 'give' to someone else. That was definitely true for our household when our income dropped in less than half when I began to stay home after our second son was born.
Saving money became a necessity and then once it became a habit, I realized I had enough "stuff" to share and bless others. I want to challenge each of my readers to do the same.
One of the ways you can help is to make care packets that you carry in the trunk your car. When a need presents itself you are prepared. We live in a large metropolitan area a…

$1.75 for Purex 3-in-1 at Walgreens

Remember I told you these are my favorite? Well, here's a great opportunity to stock up on them.

Next week Walgreens has the Purex 3-in-1 sheets (20 count) 2 for $9, get a $1 RR wyb 2. Use the B1G1 Coupon from the 2/21 RP So, buy 2 Purex 3-in-1 Sheets $9.00
2/21 RP B1G1 Free
TOTAL: $3.50 for two or $1.75 each (after the $1 RR)

Giveaway Linky

Okay this is something new I'm going to try where every Saturday I post my Giveaway page and all of the links that people have left to their giveaways.

I only have a few to start with, so let's see how it grows . . .

First, don't forget to sign up for the Berkley's Clippies Giveaway. It ends Monday and one of you is going to get two adorable clips!!

Now, click here and see what other giveaways are available.

Swagcode on Twitter until 8 p.m.

Get a Swagcode worth 7 Swagbucks by going here . . .

Swagbucks is a search engine that awards you in the form of Swagbucks (points that can be traded in for prizes.) You can chose from a variety of prizes including gift cards. My favorite is a $5 gift card. It costs 450 Swagbucks. Right now, you get 60 Swagbucks for joining and can win anywhere from 20 – 50 Swagbucks a day if you search a couple of times a day. They also have Swagcodes out at least 5 times a week that can be worth 10 – 30 Swagbucks. I try to let you know when they are available.

To sign up, go here and enter the code KRISTINSCODE. Your account will be credited 60 Swagbucks! (This code is good until March 4th at 8 am CST.)

Free Johnson and Johnson Baby Wash

Toys'R'Us and Babies'R'Us are supposed to be having a big sale this weekend. You can find all of the details here. You must be a Rewards'R'Us member, but it’s free to sign up and you can do it online or in the store.

They are offering a huge list of printable coupons on tons of items from baby gear to Disney DVDs. Be sure to check out the full list of coupons here.

One of the items that is supposed to be on sale or clearance is Johnson and Johnson baby wash. Regularly $2.99 it should be only $.99 tomorrow. Take your J&J coupons - including this one - and get these for free!

Free Sample of Purex 3-in-1

I'm sharing this sample because these are my absolute favorite way to wash clothes. There's no measuring laundry detergent or fabric softener. You don't have to remember to put in dryer sheets. You just drop in one cloth at the beginning of the load and you're done.
I even reuse these sheets in the dryer (along with a new one) to make sure I get every last use out of it. Then once they're "used up" they make great dusting cloths or cleaning wipes.
Try them out and see for yourself . . .

Special Target Deals & Steals

Target is apparently clearancing out all of its bulk items in order to get ready for the next seasonal push.

One reader - who happens to be my sister-in-law - wrote to tell me she got a 45 pack of Capri Sun for $3.58 and at her store there were diapers and paper goods for 50% off.

Another person said they were able to get the Pampers wipes (720 or 770 count) for less than $8. That's great considering the boxes have about 80 ct in them and they were on sale for $2.50 at CVS this week.

Don't forget you can still use coupons on top of these discounts to make these deals even better.

ANOTHER Swagcode . . .

Go to this post, scroll to the bottom and find another Swagcode.

You're missing out if you haven't joined yet . . . this is all free $$ for those of us playing along.

Quickie Recap:

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a search engine that awards you in the form of Swagbucks (points that can be traded in for prizes.) You can chose from a variety of prizes including gift cards. My favorite is a $5 gift card. It costs 450 (previously 45) Swagbucks. You get 60 Swagbucks today for joining (if you use the code KRISTINSCODE) and you will likely win anywhere from 20 – 50 on an average day if you search until you win in the morning and in the evening. I usually win within my first 5 searches. They also have Swagcodes out at least 5 times a week that can be worth 10 – 30 Swagbucks. I try to notify you of them on my blog when they are available.

New Swagbuck Code - 2 Year Birthday

If you missed all the hullabaloo - it's Swagbucks 2 year old birthday! They've been giving extra Swagbucks out today and they upgraded the whole system so that what was $1 Swagbuck before is now $10. Not really helpful to anyone since what cost $1 Swagbuck before, now costs $10 as well.

But there is a free Swagcode out that's easy to get. If you've downloaded the toolbar, look at the section that says TSG. Click on the little number next to it and you should see a message entitled "HipHipHooray." Inside that message you will find the free Swagcode.

If you still haven't joined, join today! Use the code KRISTINSCODE and get 60 Swagbucks (double what you usually get) for signing up.
Read more about Swagbucks here.

Walmart: Two Freebies if You're There

I am not a big Walmart shopper. Call me picky, an elitist, whatever . . . it's just dirty a lot of times and the quality of some of their items isn't the best. Having said that, in a pinch it's close, it's usually quick and it's fairly cheap even without coupons.

But if you're going to be at Walmart for something this week anyway, here are two freebies you should pick up.

It has been reported that Walmart has Wheaties Fuel cereal on sale for $1. If this is true at your Walmart, you can use the $1/1 Facebook coupon here to get these free! You can also use the $0.75/1 coupon here to get these for only $0.25.

In addition, Reach Floss is priced at $0.97 at Walmart. You can print a coupon here for $1/1 Reach Floss which will make it free after the coupon.

Getting a Good Deal on Toilet Paper

You may laugh at the title of this post, but several of my friends have called specifically to ask what a good price on toilet paper is and where I find good deals on it. It seems like the stores really like to get premium dollars for something that we use to . . . well you know.
My mom told me when I first moved out on my own that her goal was to never pay more than $.25 a regular roll of tp. That means a 4 pk should be no more than a $1. A 12 pk should be no more than $3, etc. I've been lucky to find great deals here and there on tp. For a while there were 4 pks of Cottonelle available for about $1 and frequent $.50 or $1 coupons to use on them. Angel Soft has a 4 pk that is close to $1 and every once in a while there is a $1 coupon. There are store brands that are less than a $1, but be forewarned you generally get what you pay for there. Joey bought some at Kroger last night that is one ply and so rough that my dad would call it "John Wayne toilet paper - it don't take …

Fill a Bag Sale at Once Upon a Child

Friday through Saturday - this weekend only - Once Upon a Child is having a sale. Fill the bag they provide with clearance clothing and only pay $15 for all of it.


#1 - The store will provide you with a bag.
#2 - The bag may not be overflowing, simply filled to the top.
#3 - As always, call your nearest store to make sure they are participating.

If you've ever struggled to get a suitcase packed, you'll know that if you roll the clothes more will fit than if you stuff or fold.

For those of you selling at Sweet Repeats, this may be an opportunity for you to even make money - if you can get some quality items at good prices and then sell them for just a bit more at the sale!!

Friday, February 26th - 10:00am to 7:00pm

Saturday, February 27th - 10:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday, February 28th - Noon to 5:00pm

Auto B. Good

This post is a recommendation post. I don't know if any of you have seen Auto B. Good because it actually comes on a channel that we would probably never see if we had cable or satellite. However, it is a GREAT quality tv show about a town full of cars (reminiscent of the Cars movie) but these cars are learning lessons about Christian values!!

My boys love it and ask for it all the time now, and I am so happy to accomodate them because, unlike some other shows, I don't have to worry about what kind of lessons they are learning.
I was prompted to share this with you because I came across a blog today that is giving away an Auto B. Good DVD. You need to go enter for this DVD because it's one of the best things you can do for your child today, trust me!

Little Einstein PJs for $4.99 Shipped

I just learned that the Disney Store sells its excess inventory on Ebay! That can make for some really great deals!

Right now they have Little Einstein's Leo and Quincy PJs (above) in 2t, 3t or 4t for just $4.99 shipped and Little Einstein's June & Annie PJs in 2t, 3t, 4t, or 5t for $4.99 shipped.
They also have these stretchies in infant sizes for $4.99 shipped. I LOVE these. We had a Dumbo one when Riley and Colt were babies, and we used it until it literally was coming apart. If you haven't signed up for one of the following cash back programs, the $5 Sign Up Bonus would let you make money on the purchase of one of these!!
Shop at Home - 2% cash back ($5 Sign Up Bonus)
Ebates - 2% cash back (sign in immediately before paying on Ebay) ($5 Sign Up Bonus)
Mr. Rebates - 3% cash back ($5 Sign Up Bonus)

Artscow: 30 pg 5x7 Photo Book for $3.99 Shipping

Through March 24, 2010, you can get up to eight different 30-page 5×7 Photo Books for $3.99 each shipped from ArtsCow!

Just create your Photo Book at ArtsCow and then use coupon code 75BKSFEB10 at checkout and it should give you the Photo Book for free with only a $3.99 shipping charge.

HOTTER: Additional 20% Off Coupon for Coach

Okay, ladies, I don't know if you can stack this coupon with the ongoing sale I told you about earlier, but it's definitely worth a try.

Print this coupon for 20% off and see if they will take it off the already up to 80% off prices they're having over at the Coach Outlet at the Allen Premium Outlet Mall.

Oakley Jeans for only $20!

So, being 32 weeks pregnant and having some major back/leg/nerve issues, I'm not feeling my "hottest" at the moment. But I sure would like to buy a pair of these jeans and make it my goal to look good in them after this baby comes . . .
Oakley Backstage Skinny Jeans - regular $90, sale $20 Sizes 4 - 12, Shipping is $6.58
MyPoints - 2 Points per Dollar Spent
Or, if you're feeling more like me these days, here's a deal for you . . .
Hanes Sweatpants - regular $9.99, sale $5.99 Plus use the code DOTOMIDSC and get an extra 10% off. Total - $5 Shipping is $3.99 MyPoints - 3 Points per Dollar Spent Swagbucks - 1 Swagbuck per $5 Spent Ebates - 4% Cash Back (Sign Up Bonus)
Mr. Rebates - 4% Cash Back ($5 Sign Up Bonus) Shop at Home - 5% Cash back ($5 Sign Up Bonus)

HOT: Coach Outlet at Stacy up to 80% off

I just got a tip from one of our wonderful readers that the Coach Outlet at the Allen Premium Outlet Mall at Stacy and Central has the back half of  the store marked 50% off. Then in addition to that, they are giving an extra 20% off "today only."

Noelle said there are many great buys at up to 80% off. In fact, she was able to pick up a Coach bag for only $20!

I don't know how long the extra 20% off will last, but it's definitely worth a trip over there to see what you can find. Come back and let us know!

Tom Thumb Deals (2/24 - 3/2)

5lb bag Ruby Grapefruit $0.99

Doritos $1.79
Kraft Mac N Cheese - 2/$1
$1/5 Printable
Total: $0.30 each

Prego - $1.25

Buy 4, Use
$.50/2 02/07/2010 SS
$1.00/1 02/07/2010 SS
Pay $3, Get $1 Catalina
Total: $.50 - $1

V-8 Red or Fusion Juice - $2.49

$1/1 Printable
$1/1 Printable
$1/1 Printable
Total: $1.49

Welch's Grape Juice - $2.49

$1/1 SS 02/07/10
$1/2 Printable
Total: $1.49

Kroger Deals (2/24-3/2)

10 for $10 Mix and Match Sale*

*Totino's Crisp Crust Pizza
2/7SS $.50/1 wyb rolls
Total: Free wyb Rolls

2/14RP $1/2
$1/1 Printable
Total: FREE

*Sobe Life Water

Printable B1G1 Free
Total: $.50 each wyb 2

*Knorr Side Dishes
1/31RP $1/3
Total: $.67 each wyb 3

*Green Giant Frozen Veggies .50/1
Printable .50/1
1/3GM .60/3
2/7GM .60/3
(There’s also a $0.50/1 e-coupon on
Total: FREE

*GE Light Bulbs
1/3SS $1/1
Total: FREE


1/31RP $1/3
Total: $.67 each wyb 3

*Carefree Liners

Printable $1/1
Total: Free

*Right Guard Deodorant
Printable $2/2 or Printable $2/2
Total: 2 for Free

*BlueBell Pints
*Wolf Brand Chili
*Nabisco Go-Paks
*Mission Tortillas
*Arrid Deodorant XX Antiperspirant
*Pace Picante Sauce (8 oz)
*Kroger Fruit Snacks
*Wrigley's Traditional Sweet Gum
*Kroger Jelly Beans
*Bar S Bologna or Franks
*Tennessee Pride Sausage Gravy
*Jumbo Ripe Hass Avocados
*Jumbo Mangos
*Mini Peeled Carrots
*House Red Bell Peppers
*Vo5 Shampoo or c…

GIVEAWAY: Berkley's Clippies!

I'm totally excited about this giveaway . . . probably because I have all boys and don't have the opportunity to shop for and enjoy "pretties." Berkley's Clippies are adorable clips made just for those wispy few hairs on your newborn . . . or the stubborn bangs of your toddler . . . or just for YOU because they're adorable. Even better, they are currently offering FREE shipping with any $20 purchase or more.
We are going to give away two of these clippies to one lucky reader! The cool part is YOU get to choose which clippies you win. Just visit Berkley's Clippies at their Etsy site and pick the two clippies you would like to own. Comment on this post and make sure you include the names of the clippies you have chosen. Get an extra entry into this contest if you become a fan of Berkley's Clippies on Facebook and leave me a comment telling me you did.Get one more entry if you become a NEW subscriber to my blog and leave a comment telling me.You may not h…

Kohl's Online Sale - 90% off

Many of you know that in April - right around the time of Sweet Repeats and other children's consignment sales - I buy many of my Christmas presents and most of my winter wardrobe for my family at 80 - 90% off at Kohl's.

Well, you're in luck right now because is having a similar sale.

For example, you can get this Chaps Sweater:

Originally $59.50 for $5.95.

Or these cute brown corduroys (size Newborn and 3 mon.)

Originally $17.00 now $1.70.

Use the code FIFTEENMVC to take an additional 15% off with your Kohl's card.
Shipping is $5.95 or you can get free shipping on orders of $75 or more with the coupon code SHIPNSAVE.

Make it even better with:

Ebates - 2% cash back ($5 Sign up Bonus)
Mr. Rebates - 3% cash back ($5 Sign up Bonus)
Shop at Home - 4% cash back ($5 Sign up Bonus)
MyPoints - 4 Points per Dollar Spent
Swagbucks - 1 Swagbuck for every $5 Spent

Dickey's BBQ - FREE Kid's Meals in March

Dickey's BBQ is offering a special where kids eat free the entire month of March. The details aren't up on their website yet, so it may be one kids meal for every adult meal purchased. But I think I hear some playdates at Dickey's in March if I can feed my kids for free! (And there were B1G1 Free coupons that came in the coupon mailer in yesterday's mail.)

Method Laundry Detergent - $2

Go here to get your $4 off Method Laundry Detergent coupon. Some reported they found the laundry detergent for about $6 making it only $2 after this coupon.

But, the dishwashing detergent and hand soap are regularly just a bit more than $4 at Target, so they would work well too! (Hey, I use all kinds of soap on my "laundry"!!)

FREE and Cheap Baby Food

For those of you with babies or babies on the way, if you sign up for Beechnut's E-Newsletter they will send you coupons for free items and to save $$$ on your baby food. I try to sign up for as much of this as possible, and it makes a HUGE difference

Baby food also has a long shelf life so I buy it long before my little one starts on whole foods and stock it up. The stores will clearance baby food out because they are no longer carrying that flavor or because they are updating the packaging and with coupons, you can pretty much get it free.

And then there's always mashing regular food and feeding it to the baby. I'm a big fan of this, but not of planning ahead, cooking, mashing and freezing as it just doesn't fit my schedule when I have a little one!

CVS: Large Huggie Wipe Refills for $2.50

I've heard through the grapevine that the large Huggie wipe refills (pictured above) may be ringing up for the same sale price as the tubs of wipes - $2.50!!

I haven't had the chance to make it out myself to check this out, but if you're doing your weekly run at CVS anyway, grab one and scan it at the price scanner. You might get a GREAT deal.

If you get a chance to check it out, comment and let us know if they really were on sale.

Picture People: FREE 8x10 or 10x13 plus 20% off Additional Purchase

Love Picture People - especially for milestone photographs when you don't need a huge package, but just to document that specific age.

They have a great coupon for a FREE 8x10 or 10x13 portrait and 20% off any additional purchase. Sitting fee is free, so that makes this a really good deal. You can even set your appointment time online!

Show us those pretty pictures after you get them taken. This deal expires 4/4/2010.

Chance for More FREE Studio Movie Grill Tickets . . .

If the Facebook group for Studio Movie Grill gets to 25,000 fans before March 4th, everyone will get another FREE pass good for two entries to any movie in the month of March.

(Those of you that didn't print your passes for February still have a few days left. Go here to get the details.)

To join the Facebook group for Studio Movie Grill and help everyone get another set of free tickets, go here.

TripleSmiles: Great Ideas for Preschool Teaching Activities

One of my sweet friends posted about the deals that she has been getting because of this blog, so I wanted to return the favor and let each of you know that her blog - - is a wonderful place to get tips on how to do creative and educational activities with your preschool kids.

Check it out!

DEAD Groupon: $5 for a $10 Freebirds Coupon

I haven't posted about Groupon in awhile so I thought today would be a good time.

Groupon is basically a way to get a group discount with people you don't know. Every day they have one offer, if enough people sign up for the offer then they all get the agreed upon discount. If not, then all the orders are cancelled and no one's card gets charged.

The offers are different each day - sometimes they're services, sometimes they're items. Today is basically a 50% discount at Freebirds.

We love Freebirds! In fact we just ate there on Saturday. Wish we had this coupon then. It's a bit like Chipotle, but we like it better and our kids love the strange "art" all around. I believe the nearest one is at Campbell and 75/Central. There's another one off of Beltline in Addison.

Go here to take advantage of this deal or just to sign up for daily updates on what the great deal being offered that day is!

Target Deals (2/21 - 2/28)

Scotch Fur Fighter tool with refill  - on sale this week for $3.99.
$4/1 printable coupon

5-lb. bag Market Pantry potatoes $1.99/lb

Get a free $5 gift card when you buy 5 select Kellogg’s Snacks
Buy 10 Kellogg’s Fruit Crisps @ $2.50 ea
Coupon: (10) $1/1 from 2/21 RP or $1/1 printable and (5) $1/2 Target coupon from 1/10 RP
Pay $10 and get 2 $5 gift cards
Total: 10 for free

Rimmel Mascara (Extra Super Lash Variety) — $2.89
Coupon: $3 from March All You
Total: Free

Gillette Men’s Shower gel 8.4 oz — $1.99
Coupon: $4/2 from 2/21 P&G
Total: 2 for free

Nabisco Triscuits and Wheat Thins — $1.93
Coupon: $1 from 1/24 SS and $1/2 Target printable
Total: $.43 ea

Gillette Deodorant - $1.99
Gillette Body Wash 12 oz  - $3
Coupon: $1 from 12/27 P&G and get a free body wash when you buy deodorant from 2/7 P&G
Total: $.49 ea

Kraft Cheese (shreds or blocks) – $2

Use $1/2 from the 1/24 SmartSource (or the $1/2 printable that was available a few weeks ago)
Stack with $1/1 Ta… $2 Gift Certificates are active again!

Yesterday I posted about our experience using a gift certificate from, and today they have a new code that lets you get the same great deal I got - 80% off the cost of the gift certificate when you use code SAVOR. That means you pay $2! This offer expires February 28th.

In addition, Mr. Rebates is offering 25% Cash Back! Remember you also receive $5.00 for joining Mr. Rebates.

Ebates - 15% cash back ($5 Sign Up Bonus)
MyPoints - 10 points per dollar
Swagbucks - 1 Swagbuck for every $5 spent

Swagcode Out until 6:35 CST!

There is a swagcode out on the Swagbucks blog until 6:30 PM CST. Go here and look down for the code!

Quickie Recap:

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a search engine that awards you in the form of Swagbucks (points that can be traded in for prizes.) You can chose from a variety of prizes including gift cards. My favorite is a $5 gift card. It costs 45 Swagbucks. You get 3 Swagbucks for joining and can win anywhere from 2 – 5 a day if you search until you win in the morning and in the evening. I usually win within my first 5 searches. They also have Swagcodes out at least 5 times a week that can be worth 1 – 3 Swagbucks. I try to notify you of them on my blog when they are available.

Now Deals on Shoes for Mommy!

Today only, Shoe Steal has lowered the price of these Reebok Velocera shoes from $64.99 to $26. Take another 25% off with the code 25OFF at checkout which will bring the total to $19.50.

Then if you feel guilty buying stuff just for you, they also have these adorable little girl shoes by Kenneth Cole. They're only available in sizes 13 to size 6, but if your daughter wears one of those sizes these are great. These Reaction Chic Out shoes were originally $36, but they're on sale for $18 plus the extra 25OFF to make them $13.50.

They also have some incredible deals on other shoes. Just remember you'll be able to make them even cheaper than the posted price with the 25OFF code.

Shipping is $5 for the first pair, and a $1 for each additional pair.

Plus . . .
Mr. Rebates: 5% cash back ($5 sign up bonus)
Shop at Home: 5% cash back ($5 sign up bonus)
Mypoints: 2 points per dollar

Walgreens Deals (2/21 - 2/27)

Excedrin Menstrual Complete 20 – 24 ct — $2.50

RR: $2 wyb 1
Coupon: $2 printable
Deal: buy 1 and use $2 Q. Pay $.50 and get $2 RR
Total: $1.50 money maker!

Hunts Tomato Sauce 8 oz — $.39 with in ad coupon
Coupon: $1/3 printable
Total: $.06 ea

Trident Layers Gum — $.99
Coupon: $.75 from 2/7 SS
Total: $.24

Crest Toothpaste 6.4 oz — $2.49
Coupon: $.75 from 1/17 or 2/7 P&G and $1.50 Feb
Total: $.24

Hershey’s Pieces 10 or 10.5 oz — 2/$5
RR: Buy $10 and get $5 RR
Coupon: $1 from 1/31 SS
Deal: Buy 4 and use 4 $1 Qs. Pay $6 and get $5 RR
Total: $.25 ea

Russell Stover Candy (.9-1.2 oz) — $.39 (with in ad coupon)

Colgate 360 (medium #37 or Soft #36) — $2.49
Coupon: $1 printable and $1 from February
Total: $.49 ea

Ester-C Coated Tablets (90 ct) B1G1 @ $10.99
Coupon: $5 from 2/21 SS
Total: $.49 ea

Mentos Gum — 99c
Coupon: $1/2 from 2/21 SS
Total: $.49

Bumble Bee Tuna — $.69 with in ad coupon
Coupon: $1/5 printable
Total: $.49

Arizona Tea — B1G1 @ 99c with in ad coupon
Total: $.50 ea

Glade Scented Oil C…

CVS Deals (2/21 - 2/27)

Colgate Max Fresh — $2.99

ECB: $2 wyb 1 (limit )
Coupon: $1 from January All You
Deal: Buy 1 and use $1 Q. Pay $1.99 and get $2 ecb.
Total: Free

Buy $10 worth of Colgate Toothbrush 360, Maxfresh Plus, Waves or Kids Toothpaste (prices start at $1.99), Get $5 ECBs (Limit 1)

Use $1/1 printable or $0.75/1 from the 2/21 SmartSource insert
Total: Possibly Free

Ear Rinse 1 oz — $7.99
ECB: $7.99 wyb 1
Total: Free

Bumble Bee Tuna — $.49
Coupon: $1/5 printable
Total: $.29

Progresso Soup – B1G1 @ $2.99
Coupon: $1/3 printable and $.25 from 2/7 GM insert (use 1 of each)
Total: $.44 ea

Mennen Speed Stick Stainguard — $2.99
ECB: $2 wyb 1 (limit 2)
Coupon: $1/2 from 1/31 SS or $1.50/2 speedstick coupons in the RIB magazine (buy this at CVS)
Deal: Buy 2 and use $1/2 Q. Pay $4.98 and get $4 ecb
Total: $.49 ea

SimplyAsia — $.99
Coupon: $.50 printable
Total: $.49

Palmolive Dish Liquid — 99c
Coupon: $.40 from 1/31 SS
Total: $.59

Renuzit Adjustables — $.88
Coupon: B2G1 free from 1/10 RP
Total: $.59 ea

Honey Nut Ch…

Restaurant Review: Aparicio's Mexican Restaurant (McKinney, Texas)

I mentioned in a blog earlier this month that  had a big 80% off sale and that I had taken that opportunity to purchase Joey's Valentine's gift - a one year subscription to their Dinner of the Month club.

It works this way, you pay ahead of time and each month you get a $25 "gift certificate" to the restaurant of your choice. "Gift certificate" is kind of a loosely used term as it is more of a heavy discount on your meal. It could be $25 off of $35 or $25 off of $50 or $25 off of 2 entrees . . . something like that.

Well, since my parents took our kiddoes today after church and Joey's birthday is this week we decided to try one of the certificates out on a little Mexican restaurant in the square in downton McKinney - Aparicio's. Being fairly familar with the square we were a bit stumped by the fact that we couldn't remember having ever seen this restaurant. But it is just off the true square on a part of Virginia that we don'…

What YOU can do to help!

Okay, so you may have noticed that I didn't post many deals today.

Some of that was because there weren't very many outstanding deals, and I try to bring you only the BEST. Some of that is because we are actively trying to find a new vehicle that will hold 3 car seats, has decent mileage, a low price and a couple of amenities . . . you can pray for us about that.

But this post is actually a bit of shameless self-promotion. This week several of you mentioned that you were excited about the blog and the deals that it represents. I want to tell you that the best thing you can do to help this blog be as successful as possible and bring you the coolest stuff is to #1 - subscribe through email or RSS and #2 - recommend it to your friends.

I have been contacted about doing a couple of possible product reviews and giveaways which would mean that each of you would have the opportunity to win really cool stuff. But the hangup is that the marketing departments of these various companies …

Free Swagbuck until 10 p.m. CST!

Okay, for those of you that complain you can't ever win Swagbucks by searching, here's a total freebie.

Go here - read the ad and find the code. Go back to the main page of and enter the code to receive your points.

If you haven't joined, now's a great time to do so. If you have questions, email me and I'll help you fill in the gaps.

But . . . JOIN SWAGBUCKS!!!!

Quickie Recap:

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a search engine that awards you in the form of Swagbucks (points that can be traded in for prizes.) You can chose from a variety of prizes including gift cards. My favorite is a $5 gift card. It costs 45 Swagbucks. You get 3 Swagbucks for joining and can win anywhere from 2 – 5 a day if you search until you win in the morning and in the evening. I usually win within my first 5 searches. They also have Swagcodes out at least 5 times a week that can be worth 1 – 3 Swagbucks. I try to notify you of them on my blog when they are available. Pampers Jumbo for $4.09 Shipped

Okay, I have to admit, as much as I am a penny pincher, I prefer Pampers and Huggies diapers . . . especially when my babies are tiny. They just seem gentler and cuter. And generally I can buy them for the same price or cheaper than generic anyway.

Here's one way to do that. Take advantage of's Save $25 When you Spend $50 deal!

First - Set up a new account with (this offer is only valid on new accounts).

Second - Add 1 Extra Large Case of Pampers Baby Dry Diapers at $44.49 to your cart (make sure to check the ecoupon box)

Third - Add 1 Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo Pack at $9.99

Fourth - Use the promo code SAVEMOM at checkout to get $10 off your order.

Fifth - Your out-of-pocket costs will be $44.48 after the coupon code and shipping will be free.

Lastly - Print and submit this mail-in rebate within four weeks and you’ll get $14.97 back! (The rebate link looks like it’s only a free magazine subscription at first, but scroll down and you’ll read how you can act…

Win a House Party with Velveeta/Maxwell House, Nabisco, Green Works, or Others

Many of you have asked how I get some of the cool giveaways and host some of the crazy parties that I have had  . . . well, here's your answer. hosts what they call house parties. You get great freebies and party favors just for agreeing to invite your friends over and let them try out the companies products. If you're interested, here are some of the upcoming parties. Just follow the links and register. If you qualify, they'll email you back and have you verify the party. Do that as quickly as possible to lock it in before the limit is reached!

•Maxwell House/Velveeta Party - Includes: Free Velveeta, 16 Free Maxwell House Coffee Coupons, 16 Velveeta Spatulas, and More - Click here to register

•Nabisco 100 Party - Includes: Picture frame magnet with inspirational snack time words, NABISCO 100 Calorie Packs Fudge Petites Fudge Shortbread, NABISCO 100 Calorie Packs Fudge Petites Mint Fudge Chocolate Shortbread, 2 oz. plastic martini glasses to sample the cooki…

Today is . . . MegaSwagbucks Day!

Okay, so I'm going to remind everyone again that today is MegaSwagbucks Day! That means that you could earn 5, 20, even 100 Swagbucks for one search.

I apparently have not done a sufficient job explaining this because even some of you who had signed up didn't understand the concept . . . so I'm going to try again.

1. You go to Swagbucks and register.
2. Install the Swagbucks toolbar so that it is always at the top of your screen when you need to search the Internet for something.
3. If you want, you can even reset your home page to the Swagbucks page. You can run searches from here or find out when there is a new code somewhere.
4. Check the widget (the box) at the bottom of my blog page periodically. Click on the SC to see if there is a new Swagbuck Code out. It will tell you and either give it to you or tell you how to find it.
5. Recruit others to use Swagbucks to do their Internet searching. You will get a Swagbuck for every Swagbuck they earn searchin up to the first…

Final Closeouts at The Body Shop - As Low as $1

The Body Shop is doing seasonal clearance and has many of its products marked as low as $1. (I'll tell you a secret that I know will come in handy to you someday - I LOVE patchouli!!)

Shipping is a flat $5.95 or you can go in with someone and get a better deal :)

Don't forget your cash back program:

Ebates - 5% Cash Back ($5 sign up bonus)
Shop at Home - 10% Cash Back ($5 sign up bonus)
Mr. Rebates - 7% Cash Back ($5 sign up bonus)
MyPoints - 6 points per dollar spent
Swagbucks - $1 in Swagbucks for every $5 spent

Missing Links in my Feed?

For those of you that subscribe via feed - where it is delivered to a blog reader of some kind - may not be seeing all of my links. If you can't find a link where there seems like there should be one, always click through the "View Online" button so that you can click through to the offers I am sharing.

I don't know how the email feed is going . . . so why don't ya'll comment and let me know if you are getting all of the links coming through in the posts or not and HOW you get the posts (email, reader, etc.)


Glade Fragrance Gift Pack Offer at Right at Home

Right at Home is giving away Glade gift packs. The first 10,000 people who respond will get one.

If you get one, your package will ship out around May 15th.

Have you gotten your FREE Movie Studio Grill tickets yet?

I know it sounds too good to be true, but I've already tried it out and it's GREAT!

Go here and enter your email information. Make sure you check your junk mail and regular mail for a verification email they send. Then follow the link and print a voucher good for two tickets to any one showing.

In addition, they are planning another giveaway of free tickets if they reach 25,000 Facebook fans or 3,000 Twitter fans. So, if you want more free tickets, become a fan of Studio Movie Grill on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter here.

It's unusual to see a theater give out free movie tickets and they say these will be the last giveaways they do for a long time. Make the best of them.

NEW Squeaky Shoes for $7.56 Shipped!

Some of you may remember that I blogged about this deal earlier this month, but I was bitter because the only clearance shoes were for girls!

Well, I emailed the owner - a mommy from down near Houston - and she told me she would work out. Lo and behold, there are some new shoes in the clearance section including these adorable Camo Tennis Shoes that I just bought for baby Weston for $7.56!!

Just go to What Squeaky Shoes sale section and choose the shoes you like the best . . . or feel free to shop in the non-sale shoes if you wish. When you are going through the checkout process, you will enter all of your information and then on the payment page there will be a blank for a discount/coupon code - use the code "MyCityMommy" and it will take an additional 30% off. Shipping is always free from this site, so you save a bundle on that too!

I always wanted a pair of these when my kids were learning to walk. Glad I found a pair cheap since this is probably my last shot at it ;)

Kroger Deals (2/17 - 2/23)

Buy any 10 Participating Items and get $3 Off Instantly. A few great prices for the sale this week include:

Chef Boyardee Pasta Canned or Cups – $1
Use $0.40/1 in the 1/10 SmartSource insert or $0.35/3 in the 1/10 SmartSource insert
TOTAL: Free to $0.47 each after Instant Reward when you buy 10 participating items.

Gatorade (32 oz.) – $0.99
$0.50/1 Gatorade in the 1/3 RedPlum insert
TOTAL: Free plus $.30 Money-Maker after Instant Reward when you buy 10 participating items.

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits – $1.29
$.30/2 in the 1/3 General Mills insert
$.30/2 printable at, SmartSource and CoolSavings
(There’s also a $0.30/2 e-coupon at
TOTAL: $.69 each after Instant Reward when you buy 10 participating items.
Plus receive a $4 Catalina when you buy 6 Pillsbury items.

General Mills Cheerios, Cinn. Toast Crunch, or Lucky Charms $2.69

SmartSource .75/1 Multigrain cheerios .75/1
Printable $1/1
TOTAL: $1.39 each after Instant Reward when you buy 10 participating ite…