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Updates and Complaints

So, I guess I'm just going to be a sporadic blogger. It's sad that I go to see what I wrote in my last blog and don't recognize any of it?!? I do Facebook quite a bit so I guess that has turned out to be my outlet.

We have had some major changes in our lives with the makings of many more coming. I am enrolled and registered to return to school to get another Master's degree - this time in Biblical Counseling - and to get my LPC license so I can work in either ministry or a "regular" job. I'm excited about that but nervous that I'm not sure how the childcare or the cost is going to work itself out.

Joey and I are going on a mission trip this July to Belize. Interesting choice because God must really want us there. 1 - we went there on vacation a couple years ago with his family and instead of it being "fun," we were all impacted by the poverty and unease of the country. 2 - Joey and I weren't the ones who chose this location and the person …