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Okay, so I have to confess that my motivation for this post is 1.) It's been a month since the last one and 2.) A couple of friends who never blog have blogged in the last week proving how horribly behind I must be :)

But while we're on the topic, motivation is an interesting topic. I wish there was some sort of magic lens that would allow us to see the motive behind someone's actions.

When my husband says, "No, don't make those brownies." Is it because he doesn't like my cooking? Is it because he's afraid I'll eat too many of them? Or is it because he just doesn't like brownies very much?

It's been a long time since I was dating but I remember vividly trying to discern exactly where that guy was coming from. Was he really interested? When he didn't call was it because he was busy or because he had changed his mind? And then when they really did do something stupid - were they trying to end the relationship and just didn't have the g…