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"I Defended It!"

I want to share something that I read today -

"For years bitterness was my daily companion . . . Do you know what I learned . . ? I learned that bitterness is a parasite. Every day it eats away at you until finally nothing is left, and you become a walking shell with no feelings, no friends, no life. And do you want to know the strangest thing about bitterness? All the time it was devouring me, I defended it! Because I believed I had a right to be bitter."

What a fascinating quote! Even more fascinating to me was the fact that it was part of a fictional book I was reading, not some deep theological or devotional text.

Once upon a time, I knew some people who had no use for fiction because they believed that it was just another form of deceit since it wasn't "truth." But in my life, God has repeatedly used fictional books with characters who don't exist and situations that have never really occurred to stir me, to convict me, to change me.

I'm glad I serve…

Have a House?

Okay, so our house has officially been listed with a realtor as of today. If you are looking for a 4/2/2 in McKinney, let me know! We are wanting to move out to some land. My boys need to be able to move and play.

We actually thought we might have found one, but it's a foreclosure that needs a TON of work, so we're going to hold off and see how things develop.

My life is consumed with trying to keep things clean and make sure my boys are all taken care of. This morning when the photographer and the realtor were on their way, my dad was coming to bring me a key for the realtor to have and my boys were messing up things faster than I could clean them up, I wondered if putting this house up for sale is sheer insanity?!?! But we want out before we have to be out, so there's no hurry, no concerns, and less stress. Cross your fingers for us.

Better run, I hear one stirring and the other should be up any minute . . .