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2007 Wrap-up

Yes, I know I'm a little late with this, but then that is the life of a mother with two children under the age of two. Ask my brother-in-law and he will tell you I have suddenly become late for everything. Well, at this point, my motto is "better late than never."

2007 was a busy year for this Carlisle household. I began the year pregnant, working and majorly stressed. As the year progressed, each of those things has changed. In July, I gave birth to my second boy - Colt Landon Carlisle. He was born on the 11th, at 8 lbs. 7 oz. and 20 1/2 in. long. He has blue eyes and blonde hair like his daddy and apparently much of his daddy's temperament. He is either very, very happy and making everyone around smile, or he is very, very angry and everyone on the block can hear it.

Just before I delivered, I went on maternity leave and just never went back to work. God love IFL, but it just wasn't everything it looked from the outside. In fact, it wasn't anything that it looked from the outside. I had been warned about working there before I ever took the job. Specifically, I was warned about the boss . . . while she wasn't my ultimate issue, I do think that the company runs the way it runs because of her, so in that sense all of the warnings were valid. I had some great times there and good memories. I had one boss I hated working for and one I loved working for. Both made better friends than bosses. I have a morbid curiosity about what is going on there still, but haven't wished for one moment that I was back there. Being at home has been a challenge, but overall I think it is the best choice we could have made for our family.

Joey has changed positions at Johnson. Instead of installing electrical controls, he now programs them with a laptop computer. He seems to enjoy it more and comes home a lot less dirty! He has taken on a much greater responsibility now that I am at home, but he has stepped up and filled those shoes quite well.

Riley has had an amazing year. He turned one in February, with only two teeth. He now has a full mouth of them. The latest to arrive were his canine teeth and we have joked that he looks like a budding vampire. He is already counting to ten and saying his ABC's . . . again and again! He likes to sing "Jesus Loves Me" and knows the difference in cars, trucks, trailers, tractors and almost anything else on wheels. Tools are his favorite playthings and he knows the names of more of them than I do. He's begun potty training, but still hasn't conquered telling me when he has to go. So instead we visit the potty over and over and over again during the day. The one thing that seems to remain a complete mystery to him are colors. Maybe he is colorblind . . . or maybe he's just saving something to learn when he starts going to school.

Colt has grown and changed a lot in the last six months. He had a rough time through some of those months. Tummy troubles and fussiness marked a lot of his early months. Now he seems to be holding his own and finding a routine that works for him, but he still fusses long and loud when he doesn't like something. I have begun letting him fuss until he is through and then going on with my day. Hopefully he will learn that screaming is not going to get him what he wants.

We still have both of our dogs - Babea, our Shepherd and Buddy, our mini-Schnauzer. Now that I'm home Buddy is an indoor dog and that has worked well for all of us. We are looking to move sometime after March. The boys are getting too big for the postage stamp yard that we have. They sure can't share it with two dogs. If I could have anything in the world, I would wish for an old, restored farmhouse on lots and lots of land with woods and tanks for the boys to explore in. We're still looking for something we like at this point.

I hope 2008 finds everyone happy and healthy. I know it will bring its own trials and tribulations along with its joys and good times. Hopefully, I'll meet you here again next year at this same time (or a little earlier if I can get my scheduling down.)


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