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BJU, Fundamentalism, the Pharisees and More

This post will not make me popular in certain circles, but that is not my goal. Maybe it will spark some discussion and that I think would be (or at least could be) profitable. But I am writing it for the same reason I write most of my blogs, simply to process.

For those of you that do not already know this improbable fact about me, I graduated from Bob Jones University. For the subset of that group that has never heard of Bob Jones, it is an extremely conservative, independent, fundamental college that prides itself on the degree of separation it maintains from the rest of culture and society. Just to give you the highlights, while I was there interracial dating was prohibited and then suddenly allowed after Bob Jones III was interviewed by Larry King about it. Males and females were not allowed to touch the other sex even to straighten a tie or pat someone on the back. Girls could only wear pants if their job demanded it or their activity would be "more immodest" if they di…