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Family Update

Well, they think they have finally mastered my kidney infection. I go for something called a lythotrypsy - don't trust my spelling there - on Monday. It's high powered sound waves that they shoot at my kidney to break up the remaining stone or stones. Joey will have both babies on his own so please pray for him . . . or if you feel led, call and offer to help! I'm more worried about him than I am about my surgery.

Joey started his new position at work and loves it. No more climbing through narrow openings and pulling miles of wire. Now he hooks his computer up to the machines, downloads programming and moves on! Hopefully this will be the first step in a wonderful career for him.

Riley is growing and growing. He says almost any word you can think of (so be careful what you say around him). I have a hard time dragging him away from any kind of tool, and he adores cartoons. He's hitting a growth spurt and his clothes are all too little or too big or the wrong season, so pl…

Children - Our Legacy

I am attempting to get Colt's baby book caught up. He turns 4 months on Sunday and life is just flying by. One of the pages asked me to write him a letter . . . heavy stuff when you have one page to say something to the future adult your child will become, let me tell you. And it made me focus, not on how to solve the latest crisis that's left him or Riley in tears, not on how many poopy diapers they've had, or what to feed them at the next meal. But instead on who I want them to be when we're done with all of that and the first day of school and their first dates and the first time they get grounded and the day they move out and start life on their own.

What kind of men will my babies make? Talk about the necessity of setting goals! It's not that I hadn't thought about it before. I think of it fairly often, but in passing as I'm telling Riley no for the umpteenth time about shaking his sippy cup until it spews or when Colt screams so hard I worry that he…