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Wow! All of September and most of October have gotten away from me. I've barely noticed since I've been sick most of that time. Julie, my best friend from college, came to stay with me and while she was here I started throwing up violently. An ER visit and 7 hours later, I was diagnosed with a kidney infection. Two weeks later we were on our way to the State Fair when I started to hurt and felt as if I could not stay up on my feet, after an emergency pain shot I called the kidney specialist first thing Monday morning.

They ran tests, did a CT scan and found kidney stones! I've been on antibiotics for another two weeks, only to find out this week that the infection is still here. Apparently, this infection is resistant to the antibiotic that I am on. So now we are starting over on a new one.

I don't feel horrible, just tired. I find myself falling asleep anytime the boys are quiet. It's a little frustrating because there are so many things I want to get done and I jus…